Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak

The operative word being oddment. To the left is my new favorite desktop image from Pixelgirl Presents. They have a pretty fantastic collection of desktops for people who like colorful, busy backgrounds as well people who really don't like clutter. Or just for the same person in different moods.

In the same vein, my grumpy new Adium dock icon, the devil duck. I think he's cute and feel quite bonded to him. You can find him and others like him at the Adium Xtras page. You should probably get Adium first. FYI, it's a multi-protocol instant messaging application that works with all the major clients and a lot of ones I've never heard of, is highly customizable, and obviously has lots of fun and completely useless add-ons. Its biggest drawback is lack of AV support. Also, Mac only. Sorry, PCs... ;)

And finally, I am addicted to Firefly. I've never really bought TV shows or movies off iTunes before because I don't think the resolution is good enough (and still don't), but I have fallen prey to the ease of downloadable content. Hopefully I can get the rest of the season (how sad that there's only one) on Netflix before I spend much more money.


A Few Of My Favorite Things

Found while trawling the internet, as I am wont to do (insincere apologies to PC users, as two of these don't apply to you):
  • Flip4Mac, a free QuickTime plugin that opens .wmv files in QuickTime Player and lets you stream them in Safari. Bye-bye, Windows Media Player. I always hated you anyway. Opens files with no delay; haven't had a chance to test streaming yet because I don't run across many web videos in .wmv.
  • FlickrBooth, a free Photo Booth plugin that lets you upload snapshots to Flickr automatically or at will. Works like a charm so far.
  • The new version of Flickr Uploadr, apparently standard for Mac and PC (I have no PC to test that theory with). Since the FlickrExport plugin for iPhoto started costing money (heaven forbid), this is my new favorite option, and this version seems far superior to the old one. Since all editing now takes place in one window, you can perform batch operations and then change them for individual photos. You can also reorder pictures (and actually be sure of how they'll show up in your photostream). Now if they would just integrate it with iPhoto, life would be perfect...